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Seafood Soup Mistakes To Avoid

When cooked properly, seafood soup is one of the most gratifying meals you’ll ever eat. However, not everyone has experience or abilities in preparing seafood, and even those who believe they have often failed to achieve the optimum results. Salmon, for example, can be scary if you’ve never cooked it before because you don’t know which side to sear first or what’s the right color when it’s fully cooked.

Here are the most common mistakes people make when they’re preparing fish soup

Use the Same Cooking Water for All Fish

It is usually recommended to cook octopus, cuttlefish, shrimp, and so on in the same cooking water (flavored with the classic smells: garlic, aromatic herbs). Doing so does not compromise the final result, but proceeding differently leads to a much better result! Here’s how to proceed: prepare two pots with flavored water, in one cook the octopus leaving it in the water until cooling to make it really tender, in the other cook everything else for a few minutes.

Do Not Use the Cooking Water of Mussels and Clams

Then open the mussels and clams in a pan, and it takes very little. Once cleaned (pay particular attention to the clams ), heat the oil and garlic and toss everything in the sauce: in a few minutes, the shells will open. Remember, at this point do not throw away the cooking liquid because it will be the main dressing of your salad! Filter it, let it cool, and add salt, chopped parsley, and (if you want) a drop of white vinegar to taste.

Use Frozen Fish

The only fish that, for a seafood salad, can be bought frozen is octopus: when frozen, the octopus meat becomes tender and it is as if it were aged. In all other cases, avoid, because you would ruin the final flavor and texture of the individual fish.

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