The Origin & Story of Sauce Algerienne (Algerian Sauce)

The homemade Algerian sauce is a real wonder, discovered for my part in a kebab. Happiness for the taste buds, this spicy and creamy sauce will give strength and character to your accompaniments or your meats.

A must, this homemade Algerian sauce is now my favorite sauce. It perfectly combines chili since it consists of Harissa or chili paste, spices, tomato, and aromatic herbs. If we summarize it, the Algerian sauce is an iron fist in a velvet glove, the onion coming to perfect this perfect alchemy.

the first mention of algerian Sauce in history

An “Algerian sauce” is mentioned for the first time in 1876 in the book entitled “The Book of Menus” (screenshot above). It is a sauce that was originally prepared with the ingredients of mayonnaise (oil, egg yolk) to which were added mustard, chalace, pepper, vinegar and chilli (or harissa) and, according to taste, tomato (or tomato sauce), anchor, capers, etc.

Who Re created the Algerian sauce In Modern Days?

Although today the Algerian sauce recipe is within everyone’s reach and has all the flavors of the Maghreb: onion, coriander, cumin, tomato, and harissa. the Algerian sauce comes from a country located very far from Algeria. It would have originated in the north of France and also the country of tomato sauces (Belgium). This is not surprising, you just have to take a tour of Belgium to realize that it deserves such a nickname.

This Belgian masterpiece would be the invention of the cordon-bleu; the company Nahwal’s, a company that markets urban cuisine sauces. Its unique taste, not too pungent mixed with a sweet flavor, and the crunch of onions make it a very popular accompaniment.

With what ingredients is Algerian sauce made?

Algerian sauce sells very well commercially, but for home use, you can always make your own homemade sauce. The recipes are certainly numerous, but the basic ingredients do not differ that much.

To make this sauce, you need wholesale mayonnaise, tomato concentrate, garlic powder, onion, cumin, salt, and chili paste commonly known as harissa.

In the many variations of recipes that are used, you will find ingredients such as parsley, coriander, shallots, or chili paste from Asia.

Sometimes, always to give more taste to the Algerian sauce, people add yogurt and lemon juice. All these ingredients vary according to the preferences of consumers and especially according to their culinary habits when it comes to spices. Despite all these variations in the ingredients, the end result is still a very spicy and very juicy sauce.

What to eat your homemade Algerian sauce with?

The advantage of this sauce is that like ketchup, mayonnaise, or samurai sauce, Algerian sauce can go well with many dishes, sandwiches, or grilled accompaniments.

Fast Food: Tacos, Kebab, Burger… they are perfect for Algerian sauce
We’re not going to lie, the homemade Algerian sauce is perfect to make the evening better. Forget your line and healthy food, you are here in Food Porn mode. What we are looking for is the pleasure of the taste buds!

Algerian sauce goes perfectly with fast food. Nothing better than a Kebab or an American (kebab meat is replaced by chopped steaks) to sublimate the flavors and taste of this sauce of character. In the same vein, you can opt with your eyes closed for this sauce for Tacos. And for a more oriental homemade burger, if you like originality, it will be perfect.

Side dishes: fries and sautéed potatoes … match the Algerian sauce

We told you this Algerian sauce will make you forget the ketchup and the mayonnaise, too boring! Your loyalty will be put to the test, you will have been warned. The potato in all its forms will be perfect to accompany this sauce. Our gourmet advice: it is still more interesting to work on a crunchy-soft contrast. For this, opt for baked fries, potatoes sautéed with bacon or dolphin apples.

If fast sandwich shops and especially Greek/Turkish sandwich shops have made it their best seller, traditional fast food brands would do well to convert to this tasty sauce, demanded by many Belgians and French. So we’re calling on McDonald’s, Burger King, and O’Tacos.

White or red meats: chicken, turkey, or beef

Although it adapts to many foods and all meats. We give our preference to white meats. Algerian sauce will accompany your grilled chicken or roast chicken, as Robin does with Batman. Complementary: that’s the word! Mention very well also for a turkey cutlet or breaded chicken. We’re not talking about nuggets either, you’ll understand: it’s a big YES!

Regarding red meat, well it depends on the taste. We will not advise you to opt for the Algerian sauce with good roast beef or steak … whatever ultimately ‘is you who choose. On the other hand, a minced steak embellished with Algerian sauce, makes your mouth water. Tested, approved, and recommended: you can start the tasting and say thank you to whom? A gourmet fang!

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  1. Algerian sauce was already known in 1875 see the book of menus by Jerrold Blanchard. It was also discussed in the book “l’Afrique gourmande” by Leon Isnard, published in Oran Algeria in 1924. What is written in your article is misleading and doesn’t tell the truth.

    1. Due to the different stories and variation, we chose to mention the story that the majority of the people in this field somewhat agrees with. However we’ve made the necessary changes to show the whole history behind the story and origin of sauce algérienne. Thank you for your observation.

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