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Best Sandwich in Rome

Be quick to say sandwich at the time of your lunch break. The time of a sandwich can be the metric of the space available to interrupt the working day. It is the moment of the sandwich that, thanks to the crisis, flourishes from the rubble of luxury and is reborn to ancient glories because it speaks the language of all. 

Economically affordable, even when it is gourmet, quick to prepare and consume. Again there is that, also thanks to the fashionable practice of the aperitif, has made its entrance on paper among more complex dishes, where it now shines with its own light.

There is the classic ham sandwich, there is the classic American burger and then there are original, extravagant sandwiches that tantalize the palate by trying tastes out of the ordinary. These are the strange sandwiches that you can taste in Rome in clubs, sandwich bars and pubs scattered around the capital.

Gourmet sandwiches, colorful sandwiches, ‘gnoranti sandwiches, avocado sandwiches and much more. Here are the most extravagant sandwiches we found while walking around the capital

We have selected 10 that will satisfy your appetite:

Romeo Chef & Baker

Every evening, at Romeo Chef & Baker’s cocktail bar you can order Chef Bowerman’s gourmet sandwiches. All of them have a peculiarity, all of them are special. The hot dog licorice and escalope of foie gras stands out, which is served with fake mango ketchup, passito mayonnaise and vegetable chips. Good and original also the burgers on the menu.

The gourmet loaf

The scent of bread and the genuineness of cold cuts, cheeses, and meat, are linked by La Pagnottella gourmet and give life to a rich variety of sandwiches, from the most traditional to the most particular. If you do not miss the classic sandwich with raw, in fact, in this gastronomy laboratory, which has various locations in Rome, there are really eccentric sandwiches, particularly, as well as very good. From sandwiches with smoked beef to those with beef tartare. Strange and to try also the one with lard and honey and the list of original and creative sandwiches is really long.


A new place in San Lorenzo that offers Apulian street food and that puts in the foreground the sandwich with octopus. Not one, but 13 variants; they range from the one with octopus, turnip tops and burrata, to the one with octopus, onion jam, masseria caciocavallo and dried tomatoes. Apulia, from food truck, has become local, therefore, from now on the typical Apulian sandwich you can enjoy it comfortably sitting in a cozy tavern.


Not the usual cheeseburger, we could say, but a gourmet sandwich, refined, which you can already eat with your eyes. It is the Coromandel Cheeseburger: dark bread with seeds, bacon, roasted onion, yogurt sauce, and avocado to give that touch of freshness to the whole. Good, particular the right, ideal for a break different from the usual.

Lobster Roll

It’s time to go and taste another very special sandwich, the so-called ‘Lobster Roll’, the lobster sandwich. Two slices of thick brioche bread and inside lobster pulp and sauces (also added caviar if desired), accompanied by fries and the cocktail you prefer. A sandwich to taste at least once in a lifetime.

Flower Burger

Not one, but many sandwiches just strange, first of all for their color, far from usual. Turquoise sandwiches, shocking pink, yellow, black, green. They are not fake, we assure you. They are eaten and are also tasty. They are vegan sandwiches. There is, for example, the ‘Cherry Bomb’ with pink bun, lentil burger and basmati rice, bean sprouts, salad, flower cheddar, confit tomatoes and rocktail sauce. There is the ‘Spicy Cecio’ with yellow bun, chickpea and barley burger, tropea onion tartare, tomatoes, salad, spinach, spicy sauce. And there are many colorful sandwiches to try.


Healthy, beautiful to look at, inviting to eat, but above all strange is one of the aromaticus sandwiches, the one made with spelt bread, fermented cashew cream, Kimchi, figs, salad and homemade mustard. A strong, original flavor, that the local Rione Monti, best known for its tartare, its salads, its carpaccio, presents to the customer to say that eating fast and genuine is possible.

Bite and Go

Sandwiches are not for everyone, but only for really brave palates and lovers of the aromas and flavors of the Roman tradition. These are the sandwiches of Mordi and Vai that, at box 15 of the Testaccio Market, every day, Sergio Esposito prepares with skill and passion. Sandwiches with tripe with sauce and bacon, with boiled meatballs, with scottona allesso, with picchiapò, and stuffed with many other specialties of Roman cuisine doc.

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