Put a Mediterranean Touch to Your Smoothie!

When the heat dominates there is nothing better than drinking fresh fruit smoothie, healthy and why not, even greedy. If we want to enjoy the moisturizing and slimming properties of fruit we can choose the least sugary and few calories. In this case we will not even use milk, or at most we will use skimmed milk or unsweetened vegetable milk or yogurt, to obtain light and velvety smoothies.

But if you want to treat yourself to a delicious cuddle you can also dare using ice cream balls instead of milk or add cream. In summer you can enjoy fruit and vegetable smoothies not only as a snack or breakfast, but also as a light, refreshing and moisturizing meal. If you also add crushed ice you will turn everything into a tasty milkshake. 

Differences between smoothie and milkshakes

The milkshake is obtained when ice cream is added to the smoothie. The word milkshake means hit by the cold. In fact, the addition of ice cream involves the immediate lowering of the temperature. Calorie intake is naturally higher, especially if cookies or cream are added. It can not be considered a drink but a real dessert.

Why choose a fruit smoothie ?

Fruit smoothies are the perfect snack for children, even the youngest ones, but also for adults.

Prepared and consumed fresh, they are a great way for children to eat fruit. Think of those children who refuse fruit in pieces. With the smoothie they begin to know the various fruits and like their flavor. Gradually they will begin to eat it even in pieces.

Smoothies contain fiber, vitamins, mineral salts and provide a good amount of fluids.

The smoothie assimilates slowly and, therefore, guarantees a sense of satiety, without weighing it down.

Which fruit to choose

It is necessary to choose fresh and seasonal fruit, coming from organic cultivation.

To the fruit of the supermarket you prefer the fruit of small local producers who ensure a fresher product.

Choose ripe fruit that is tastier and sweeter. It is good not to add sugar or other sweeteners.

Using fruits that contain a lot of water you will have a more liquid consistency (kiwi, pineapple), choosing the most pulpy one, such as banana or peach, you will have a thicker smoothie.

How to make fruit smoothies

Wash thoroughly the fruit you have chosen to prepare the smoothie. With a knife peel it and then cut it into small pieces on a cutting board. 

Avoid the immersion blender that tends to brittle the pulp. The classic blender with glass or plastic cup leaves the pulp dense. Start at low speed to mix the ingredients and then once coarsely chopped increase the speed to the maximum to make everything creamy. 

Best Mediterranean smoothies

So, are you ready? Here are our proposals with the best recipes to try immediately!


We start our harvest with a classic of the classics regarding fruit smoothies. That is the recipe for strawberry smoothie, a fragrant and delicious delight to be enjoyed at any time of the day. It also lends itself to many variations, such as the strawberry and banana smoothie


Here is one of the excellent slimming fruit smoothies to enjoy during the summer, namely the watermelon smoothie. In addition to the moisturizing and draining properties, the watermelon smoothie refreshes with that pinch of gluttony that certainly does not hurt!.


How to make a great summer fruit smoothie? Very simple, take kiwi, apples and cranberry juice: the result was amazing! You can also enjoy this smoothie as a snack with the children.


Needless to say, in summer we can prepare an excellent fresh fruit smoothie with a sweet melon accompanied with bananas. It is a nutritious and healthy smoothie, greedy and energizing. Definitely suitable to enjoy at any time of the day


To prepare an antioxidant drink, rich in taste and nutrients, we recommend the blueberry smoothie recipe. So you can fill up on energy and health in a greedy way and without guilt! Try the blueberry smoothie for breakfast and you will start the day with the right momentum


We end our harvest with one of the healthy fruit smoothies with a decidedly tropical taste, namely the papaya smoothie with pineapple and banana. It is a healthy and fresh recipe thanks to the detoxifying, antioxidant and healing properties of papaya, while pineapple and banana balance the flavors creating a tasty and unique mix

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