The Best Way To Pickle Olive


How are olives pickled? The answer is very simple just like the preparation: just a long soak of the olives in water before decanting them and covering them with brinePreserving olives in this way is practically within everyone’s reach and the final result is also infallible!

Olives are one of the most popular fermented foods, by consuming such foods you are adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes to your intestinal flora, which increases the health of your gut microbiome and digestive system and may enhance your immune function

The Best Way To Pickle Olive

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 10 min Total Time 20 mins
Best Season: Summer


Although there are several recipes to prepare olives in brine at home, from the Sardinian to the Apulian, to the Sicilian, I chose the one that seemed to be the simplest so I expect to know how you prepare them at home. But no more talk, here is my version.



  1. Take the olives, rinse them and put them in a large bowl covering them with water.
    Keep them like this for 2 weeks, changing the water 1/2 times a day.

  2. After this time prepare the brine by putting a pot with water and salt on the fire.
    Once it reaches the boil, move the pot from the heat and let cool.

  3. Once the olives are drained, let them dry on a clean cloth.

  4. Now put them in glass jars and, with the help of a ladle, cover with cold brine.

  5. Finally, add some bay leaf, close the jars and place them in the dark in a cool and dry place.

  6. Wait at least 1 week before opening the jars.

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