Mhadjeb: Easy Homemade Recipe


The different and multiple environments in which the inhabitants of Algeria live have helped to diversify the popular dishes in this Arab country, dishes that decorate the tables of Algerian families most of the time and give each region its own character, like Mhadjeb of which we will learn about in this report.

Mhadjeb this Algerian recipe which is a kind of flaky pancake made from semolina traditionally stuffed with onion, tomatoes and even dried meat or we can substitute for the minced meat and then add harissa, the success of the dough solves in its kneading which must be long enough and then the quantity of water incorporated if it is two stages are respected the shaping is a breeze.

This dish consists of dough and onion and tomato sauce, but it is wonderful, it’s called Mahajib and the origin of this dish was invented by a woman who never went out and no one knew anything about her. She was called Mahjouba, and this word for the Algerians means the woman whom no one knows and who does not leave the house and the honorable one at the same time. She used to cook it and send it with one of her children To sell it in the market and say this is the hottest and hottest of the veiled people, and people circulated it and began to love it and call it Mhajib

Although there is dough in it, it is very thin and contains a mixture of vegetables that are cooked well. This traditional, popular dish has been popular among Algerian families for a long time, and the women of Algeria have mastered it, and its fame is derived from the simplicity of its costs.

We can find the Mhadjeb throughout the Maghreb region or in Morocco under the name of “Rhayefs maamrins” with recipes that vary according to the regions

Mhadjeb: Easy Homemade Recipe

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 30 min Rest Time 30 min Total Time 1 hr Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


The Mahajeb dish is one of the oldest Algerian dishes that is still prepared to this day and is very popular not only in Algeria but also in many Arab countries. The preparation of Mhajeb has spread in some Western countries because of the many nutritional benefits it contains; It consists of a dough made of flour and semolina, stuffed with cooked vegetables and drizzled with olive oil


The Dough

The Filling


The Dough

  1. In a bowl Put semolina, flour, salt then mix the ingredients together,

  2. After that add the water gradually,

  3. then knead with your hand until the dough is consistent and soft, while adding water gradually

  4. the most important step is to take a plastic bag and dip it in warm water

    And directly while it’s still dripping wet, we put the dough in it and cover it And let her rest.

  5. After it rest take out the dough and knead in lightly for a couple of minutes

  6. After it rest take out the dough and knead in lightly for a couple of minutes

  7. Wet your hands with oil and form balls of dough and put them next to each other, remembering the order, and let them rest again, the more the dough rest, the better the results are

The Filler

  1. Cut the onions into thin, long slices and cook them in some oil over medium to low heat and cover with constant stirring until they become translucent and soft.

  2. Remove the peel of the tomatoes and chop them thinly, add them to the onions with salt and spices, cover and leave to cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, so that they do not stick.

Shaping Mhajeb

  1. On an oiled work surface, spread the first ball of dough. Sprinkle lightly with oil to help you form a big circle

  2. Put the filling of onions and tomatoes in the middle preferably cold

  3. Fold over each side to enclose the stuffing and get a square.

  4. Lightly oil the surface of the square you got and gently place it on a baking sheet or a pan over medium-low heat

  5. Cook the first side well browned, turn over, and do the same for the second.

  6. Enjoy it hot

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