Original Recipe For Sauce Algeriénne


The homemade Algerian sauce is a real wonder, discovered for my part in a kebab. Happiness for the taste buds, this spicy and creamy sauce will give strength and character to your accompaniments or your meats.

A must, this homemade Algerian sauce is now my favorite sauce. It perfectly combines chili since it consists of Harissa or chili paste, spices, tomato, and aromatic herbs. If we summarize it, the Algerian sauce is an iron fist in a velvet glove, the onion coming to perfect this perfect alchemy.

What accompanies an Algerian sauce?

For a more enticing taste experience, the Algerian sauce goes perfectly with other dishes. Red or white meat, potatoes, or sandwiches are indeed excellent accompaniments to enjoy a delicious Algerian sauce.

Algerian sauce goes well with almost all forms of meat. The preference will nevertheless be white meat such as roast chicken, breaded cutlets, or chicken nuggets. If you like red meat, however, garnish your sauce with grilled meat.

Similarly, in sandwiches, this flavor is an irresistible delight that provides a unique taste to your taste buds and will not leave the stomach indifferent. Tacos or kebab will only further enhance your pleasure.

Combine this Nahwal’s sauce with potatoes that are not too crispy or fluffy. Whether it’s dauphine apples, sautéed with bacon, or baked fries, all will do.

Taste an Algerian sauce: for nothing in the world, do not deprive yourself of this delight. Enjoy your meal!

Origins of Algerian sauce:

It is anything but a sauce of Algerian origin, and not unfortunately it is a sauce that comes to us from the north of France but also from Belgium, the country of sauces all combined. I think this name was given to it because of the ingredients that compose it: cumin, and harissa coriander, which are very used in Maghreb cuisine.

This sauce is famous and highly appreciated for its unique and spicy taste without being too pungent with a slight taste of sweetness without forgetting the flavor and crunch of the finely chopped onion.

How to accompany the Algerian sauce:

I can confirm that this sauce is versatile it can be used in almost any food, at home we are big fans of chicken with Algerian sauce without forgetting the famous fried potatoes. The burger can also be topped with Algerian sauce as a replacement for burger sauce. It is a condiment that can be used in all dishes that are part of fast food. Summer comes do not forget the barbecue and grills.

With what ingredients is Algerian sauce made?

Algerian sauce sells very well commercially, but for home use, you can always make your own homemade sauce. The recipes are certainly numerous, but the basic ingredients do not differ that much.

To make this sauce, you need mayonnaise, tomato concentrate, garlic powder, onion, cumin, salt, and chili paste commonly known as harissa.

In the many variations of recipes that are used, you will find ingredients such as parsley, coriander, shallots, or chili paste from Asia.

Sometimes, to give more taste to the Algerian sauce, people add yogurt and lemon juice. All these ingredients vary according to the preferences of consumers and especially according to their culinary habits when it comes to spices. Despite all these variations in the ingredients, the end result is still a very spicy and very juicy sauce.

Original Recipe For Sauce Algeriénne

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 15 min Total Time 15 mins
Servings: 5
Best Season: Summer


This sauce is famous and highly appreciated for its unique and spicy taste without being too pungent with a slight taste of sweetness without forgetting the flavor and crunch of the finely chopped onion.

It is very interesting to make an Algerian sauce and enjoy it in peace. This sauce is particularly easy to make. You just have to have the necessary ingredients and that's it.




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  1. Rinse the kitchen equipment, then pour into the bowl the 300 g of mayonnaise.

  2. Add to the contents of the bowl, the concentrated tomato, and ground cumin.

  3. Afterward, add the chili paste, parsley, and sliced onions.
    Pour a tablespoon of yellow lemon juice.

  4. Mix everything, then add the yogurt.

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