Can You Eat Sweet Potatoes On Mediterranean Diet?

Many people are on the Mediterranean diet because they believe it’s healthier than other diets. One of the most popular foods in this diet is sweet potatoes. Is it possible to eat them while following the Mediterranean diet?

Many people have found that eating a lot of sugar, fat, and white flour can contribute to health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. The Mediterranean diet presents an alternative for combating those health issues by steering away from those undesirable ingredients in favor of vegetables, fish, whole grains, and olive oil.

What do you have to know about sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are highly nutritious and a good source of both vitamins C and B complex as well as fiber. They are often considered the “purple potato” for their high concentration of anthocyanin, which is a red pigment that provides more antioxidants than other fruits or vegetables. Sweet potatoes are also higher in potassium than some other forms of potatoes. These nutrients make sweet potatoes a great choice for people with conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Can you eat sweet potatoes on Mediterranean diet?

The answer to this question is that you might be able to eat sweet potatoes on the Mediterranean diet. There are some caveats with what kinds of other foods you consume if you do eat them. If they are not compatible with the Mediterranean diet, they will not be of many benefits. The main benefit of sweet potatoes comes from the potassium and beta-carotene they contain, and the high antioxidant content.

If you choose to eat sweet potatoes on the Mediterranean diet, you should try to eat them in moderation. Try to have the sweet potatoes in one meal per day. This will give you a balance of nutrients, which will help you feel more energized throughout the day. You may be able to eat white potatoes on the Mediterranean diet as well. Just try to make sure that they are not the bulk of your meal.

Are there any other types of potatoes that are allowed on the Mediterranean diet?

There is no firm rule on what kinds of potatoes can and cannot be eaten on the Mediterranean diet. Proteins in white potatoes are digested in the intestines, which include many bacteria that produce nitrates as a byproduct. These nitrates have been linked with cancer. White potatoes also have much higher starch percentages and much fewer nutrients than sweet potatoes. In some areas of Europe, populations have a high consumption of white potatoes and their rates for obesity are much higher than in Mediterranean countries. This suggests that sweet potatoes may be a better choice for people who are not as active, or who do not get enough exercise.

The best way to keep a balanced diet is to use a food journal and a fitness tracker for nutrition and fitness in order to get yourself on track with both nutrition and exercise.

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