Tips To Make The Best Fish Soup

To prepare a good fish soup requires a lot of care, quality ingredients, and a good combination of flavors to make everything sensational. We share with you the five best ideas to prepare a homemade fish soup.

There is a lot to say about fish soups but we wanted to highlight the five best ideas that we think can be useful for you to have a great and uncomplicated dish.

Prepare a Stock

One of the classic recommendations for preparing a fish soup with a lot of flavors is to make a stock in advance. The stock can be made in both a meat soup and a fish soup, only this time we will focus on this second option.

To prepare the stock of a fish soup you can use the shells and heads of shellfish (such as those of prawns or prawns) or you can also use the bones and head of the fish. This goes a bit to taste.

When you want to make a quick fish soup, you usually choose to use flavor concentrate tablets or buy the prepared broth, so that the broth has a good flavor so that later you only have to add the ingredients.

We propose a homemade and equally delicious option. If you prepare a good stir-fry, you will see that the soup will taste great. At the same time, you can also freeze the stock and then use it when you need it, so you can always have your homemade broth at home prepared for a good homemade fish soup.

Make A Vegetable Stir-Fry

Fish soups can also have vegetables and these will add flavor, as well as body. For example, it is very common to start by sautéing a little onion, adding garlic or leek, and you can even add a little carrot.

Everything will depend on the type of fish soup you want to prepare and your ingenuity, but don’t forget that they will give it a great flavor.

Ingredients For Fish Soup

A good and delicious fish soup can be made with a multitude of ingredients, it all depends on the flavor you want it to have and the budget you have.

What we usually like the most at home when we prepare it is that it has small pieces of fish. You can buy hake or monkfish (among others), you just have to make a few small cubes and include them.

You can also prepare a fish soup with some seafood, including prawns or clams, you will see that it is very easy and the combination is absolutely sensational.

Color Your Soup

In the event that you have not prepared a stock and you want the soup to have a little color, you can always prepare a sauce of olive oil with garlic and, when it’s toasted, add a little bit of sweet paprika. It is important to be careful so that the paprika does not burn.

A little of the soup broth is poured into the frying pan where the sauce is to make the most of it and poured over the soup again. Let it cook for a few minutes so that the flavors mix well and you have it ready.

Fish Soup With Garnish

For the fish soup to have more foundation, you can prepare a garnish that combines well with the ingredients you have chosen and that, in turn, gives it even more flavor.

The garnish soup can vary greatly depending on the tastes and ingredients that you have at home. Some ideas that may be useful to you are some ham cubes, some fried bread cubes (you can find them in the supermarket or you can prepare them at home) and you can even add a little chopped hard-boiled egg.

The garnish would be thrown at the end and directly on the plate in which it is going to be presented. You can leave everything ready and take it to the table ready, or you can also prepare different dishes so that each one is served to taste

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