What Foods Are Not Allowed On The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is the most famous food philosophy in the world. Here are the mistakes not to make in this regard: from binging on pasta, to drinking too much red wine with the excuse that it is allowed.

The whole world is aware of the many positive sides of the Mediterranean diet, so much so that according to U.S. News & World Report’s it is even the best diet in the world. Then, instead, there are those like Adriano Panzironi who link the Mediterranean diet to the tomb of humanity. We take note of this and move forward.

What To Keep In Mind When Going On A Mediterranean Diet 

Although, in general, the Mediterranean diet suggests good habits and dietary norms that we do not feel the need to contradict – unlike many other diets name and surname or mono food – it is good to take into account several factors:

  • It remains a “pre-packaged” diet, born from the observation of centuries-old habits in Italy and in the mediterranean.
  • it is more complex than is believed, so diy is not contemplated even in this case.
  • The largest percentage of foods involved in the mediterranean diet is also that involved in the major food intolerances (celiac disease, nickel in the first place)

Going on a diet is a moment that every person sooner or later encounters over the years. And are you sure you know everything about weight loss diets? Among those most famous there is the Mediterranean diet that is not as ridiculous as the Dukan diet but much more flexible. In addition to the diet that is chosen, it is important to have the daily habits to lose weight because they are a valid help against the temptation to open the refrigerator.

The Mediterranean diet belongs to the lifestyle of many states such as Spain, Greece and Italy. This type of diet has been conducted by many generations in the past and in the fifties there were studies that confirmed this diet as a healthy and good diet for health. Despite this, there are also important contraindications on the Mediterranean diet, do you know them? The first of all is the origin of the foods because they could contain many industrial derivatives and be very little organic.

Knowing what to avoid eating when making a diet, helps not to mess up and, therefore, to lose weight faster. For this reason, inquiring and consulting the doctor, or nutritionist, is a right move to make because precautions are taken that prevent possible future discomfort.

Refined  Sugars

Whenever snacks, biscuits or pre-packaged sweets are bought, large quantities of added pumpkins are also eaten. In addition, these sugars are also present in carbonated drinks that become the first obstacle to weight loss. If simple exercises are carried out to have a flat stomach, all carbonated drinks must be eliminated because they swell and are rich in sugars. Refined sugar impairs metabolic functions,causes intestinal inflammation and impairs the functionality of the immune system.

In some cases it is difficult to locate because it has several names such as dextrose, fructose or corn syrup.

The best option to avoid this is to choose fresh and natural foods. Some, such as fruit, contain it naturally; in these cases it is a natural sugar that will rarely hurt us if we pay attention to the portions.

Vegetable And Refined Oils

To keep the Mediterranean diet intact, it is important to ban refined and vegetable oils such as soybeans, corn, grape and sunflower seeds from the table. The only oil allowed is the one that belongs to the Mediterranean environment for the famous properties of olive oil. One of them is that it prevents cardiovascular diseases and is an advantage of the Mediterranean diet itself.

Foods With Trans Fats

This type of food is harmful to the Mediterranean diet because it contains trans fats and are the snacks of savory aperitifs, packaged industrial sweets and margarine. In addition, fatty foods cause pimples and this type of foods must be avoided in all ways and can be considered as the number one enemies of the Mediterranean diet and among the foods to avoid if you suffer from high cholesterol.

Refined Cereals

In the Mediterranean diet, all foods made with refined grains that include wheat flour, pasta, rice and white bread are banned. These foods are not allowed because they have undergone transformations and are distinguished from whole foods. It is known that white foods are to avoid,but there are alternatives to white flour that can be valid substitutes to be used in the preparation of foods in the Mediterranean diet.

Processed Meat

The problem of meat concerns the processes that have been done there previously. Some types not recommended are sausages, sausages and canned meat. They are not recommended by the Mediterranean diet because they are rich in preservatives, which in the long term can develop health risks over time. By the way, do not worry because as a substitute for processed meat, among the foods recommended in the Mediterranean diet , there is white meat such as turkey or chicken.

Last Note 

The foods that are excluded from the Mediterranean diet do not have moral motivations, as in the case of the vegan diet, but are avoided because they are not in line with a healthy diet considered as one of the best in the world. To get around these unauthorised foods there are many alternatives such as vegetable proteins ideal for replacing meat that provide the necessary energy to the body in an alternative way. The best remain those contained in legumes such as lentils, beans, chickpeas and peas.

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