Drinking Coffee On The Mediterranean Diet

Coffee is a drink consumed by mankind in every part of the globe and obtained from the green seeds of the homonymous plant roasted and ground.

Thanks to this black powder from the essence and the intense flavor, it is possible to prepare coffee, a drink that in Italy represents a true tradition. But more and more people are wondering if this tasty ingredient can be an ally in weight loss.

The caloric intake of a coffee

coffee weightThe fats and proteins of which it is composed represent very few kcal. If we take for example a cup of coffee, it has between zero and a calorie. Yet it is often said that you have to be careful with coffee when you want to lose weight and not take more than one or two. How is this possible? To answer this question it is important to remember one thing, which is that there are many people who take sweet coffee, adding white or brown sugar in your own cup.

Here things change a lot because sugar is a food that contains as much as 4 kcal per gram. This means that one teaspoon equals 20 calories while one sachet can go up to 30.

Sugar should also never be consumed in excess because it can cause a series of serious problems such as diabetes. For this reason, if you do not drink more than a couple of coffees a day, you can continue to consume sweet coffee, perhaps taking some precautions on the amounts of sugar per cup. If, on the other hand, you are used to drinking a lot of coffee, to maintain the line, it will be important to take it bitter or use special and lighter sweeteners.

Does coffee make you lose weight?

As we well know, coffee contains a purine type alkaloid called caffeine. This acts with stimulating effects on the body giving strength and energy. Moreover, science states that caffeine is able to promote the physiological processes of weight loss. When associated with a low-calorie regimen and regular physical activity, this component is able to influence the drop in body mass.

coffee cupThis happens thanks to the synthesis of substances called catecholamines, or hormones capable of stimulating the basal metabolism with increases in energy expenditure ranging from 10 to 20%. In addition, caffeine exerts a facilitating effect on the mobility of fatty acids due to its lipolytic effect. All these elements allow us to say that coffee can be an ally of diet and weight loss, if taken without sugar and combined with correct lifestyle habits.

There are also a whole series of consumers who report an interesting fact. It would seem that coffee is also able to help contain appetite blocking hunger. In addition, the same consumers confirm that this drink makes them more awake and responsive and this helps to fight against the side effects of the diet such as fatigue or slowing down of functions.

In summary, this historic drink can really help us to keep the line but we must still be careful not to abuse it. Excessive consumption of coffee can cause various annoyances and cause forms of addiction so moderate use should be recommended.

How to sweeten coffee in the diet?

A solution to sugar is of course to drink bitter coffee. So you can fully enjoy all its aroma without any effect on the line. But if you really can’t help but sweeten it and you are looking for an alternative to white sugar, here are some solutions that we can provide in case of a possible supply of coffee for bars.

On the market, there are sweeteners of natural origin that are really valid and particular. You just have to find the ones that are right for our customers:

Honey. This absolutely natural and beneficial product is produced directly by bees. It is one of the healthiest alternatives and you can really find them for every taste. However, it has the flaw that not everyone likes the taste combined with coffee

Brown sugar. Rather famous it possesses a more raw flavor and many people prefer it, however, it possesses the same calories as the white one.

Stevia, a herb native to Paraguay, has a truly incredible sweetening power and does not have any type of calorie. It represents perhaps one of the best alternatives if you try to minimize the caloric intake in the diet. It has a slight flavor reminiscent of licorice.

Molasses. It is a component naturally present in sugar but is eliminated when it is marketed. Instead in brown sugar a part of it is left and it is she who gives this product its unmistakable color and aroma. Molasses, however, is a real alternative to sugar as a natural sweetener.

Agave syrup. It is a syrup extracted from the agave plant very rich in fructose and therefore highly sweetening. it is very rich in mineral salts and trace minerals. It resembles honey but has less flavor, but contains particular beneficial microelements such as mineral salts.

When to drink coffee to lose weight?

The best time for caffeine to perform its fat-burning task is at the end of a meal. A nice cup of espresso without sugar after lunch or after dinner, hot and tasty, is truly a panacea. It helps digestion and promotes the metabolic process.

Can’t you just drink it bitter? Here’s a little tip: decrease the amount of sweetener gradually, and prefer unrefined sugars. You will discover in a short time a myriad of delicious aftertastes previously hidden.

But remember never to overdo it with the quantities of coffee: here is the biggest recommendation. Too much caffeine is bad. Two or three cups a day (at most), are the perfect amount to enjoy its benefits, avoiding contraindications. If you have doubts or suffer from gastritis, gastro-esophageal reflux or heart dysfunction always ask your family doctor, he will tell you whether to take this drink or avoid it.

How to lose weight with coffee

There is no remedy, cure or secret that makes you lose weight in a flash. There are no miracle diets, even worse if you do it yourself, that will make you really lose the extra pounds in a few days. If you read or if they tell you otherwise, know that it is not the truth. On the contrary: fasting or replacing meals with strange concoctions can be harmful to the body.

Nothing replaces a correct and balanced diet combined with healthy physical activity. However, at the same time, we can say that there are foods and drinks that help our metabolism and our body burn fat first. And that consequently become precious allies for those who want to get back in shape.

One of these is our beloved coffee: its components, first of all caffeine, among the many benefits they bring to our body have the ability to awaken the metabolism and “move” the particles of localized fat. More simply, we could say that coffee dissolves fat by recirculating it in the blood, thus allowing us to eliminate it through our daily actions, using it as a fuel.

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