How to Cook Chicken Breast?

Undisputed protagonist of many preparations, from the simplest to the most original, chicken breast is one of the most present foods in our diet and beyond. It is a cut of white meat appreciated for its nutritional properties and for its lightness, so suitable for children and those who follow a healthy diet to keep fit. Chicken breast has a delicate flavor that never tires, you can combine it with endless foods, herbs, and spices, and cook it in many different ways: breaded, sautéed, grilled, rolled, stuffed, strips and cubes

Chicken breast is the perfect choice when you do not have time or desire to cook or when you have few ideas for a quick lunch or light dinner, healthy but tasty to prepare. It is generally liked by the whole family and is an easy ingredient to find not only in butchers but also in all supermarkets

You should know, however, that, unlike red meat, chicken meat must also be well cooked inside because it is a product that can bring a higher bacterial load than other foods, like eggs. A good chicken breast is fresh when it has a pinkish color with lines of fat that must be almost absent or light yellow in color. When buying it, it is always better to choose a whole breast, it is cheaper and you can decide later whether to cut it into slices, into pieces for a stew or skewers, into strips, or whether to grind it to make meatballs, hamburgers and even a tasty chicken sauce!

How to cook chicken breast? 

Easy! It is the easiest meat to cook with excellent results; The perfect choice for those who are impractical in the kitchen! There are many quick and easy recipes to prepare for every circumstance and, if you think that chicken breast is dry and stringy, you are wrong! Being very lean meat, you just have to pay attention to cooking and, with some advice from Salt & Pepper and the right cooking techniques, your chicken breast will remain tender and appetizing

Breaded and fried 

is always appreciated by the young and old. It is not a “dietary” recipe but, it is so good that every now and then, a break from the rule is gladly done! In addition, by breading the chicken breast slices, inside the crunchy coating, they will remain soft and juicy, because the breading plays a role in protecting the meat during cooking.


it is perfect for a light but tasty second course. To ensure that the chicken breast remains soft and not dry, you should marinate the meat that at the same time makes it even more appetizing: dip the chicken slices in wine, beer, or milk and add the spices you prefer. Let it rest for 30 minutes or a few hours, depending on the recipe you are preparing; Before cooking, dry it, dabbing the slices with absorbent paper and cook the chicken breast on a hot grill, turning it with tongs without piercing the meat so that the juices do not disperse

In the pan

the chicken breast is a very popular and appreciated second course, ideal for everyday cooking! There are many recipes to cook chicken breast in a pan, for example by cooking it after marinating or flavoring the slices by adding aromas in cooking: the most used, in addition to rosemary, are sage and bay leaf. For the first 3-4 minutes, cooking must proceed over a cheerful flame, this favors the formation of a crust that will prevent the leakage of meat juices. Then you can add a liquid part such as white wine or broth and complete cooking with a medium-strong flame lid. During cooking you have to turn the meat without using utensils that can sting it, otherwise, there will be the leakage of juices at the expense of softness. The oil and butter will ensure the hydration of the meat; The white wine or broth, and the spices added will give that extra touch of flavor that will make your dish special. In the pan, you can also cook delicious escalopes, but in this case, the slices of the chicken breast should be beaten to make them thin and passed in flour before cooking them as your recipe suggests

In the oven 

the chicken breast becomes refined, and stuffed with vegetables, cheeses, or anchovies, it is perfect for an elegant dinner or for family lunches, alternatively classic roasts of veal or turkey, resulting in a more digestible and less heavy choice for your wallet!

For those who like to eat light or for hot summer days, chicken salads are ideal! You can prepare them in a thousand different ways from the simplest to the most elaborate. They are fresh to eat and practical to take to the office or to the sea; They are a unique dish that you can prepare even in advance!

If ethnic cuisine is your passion, chicken breast is the main ingredient of many Oriental, South American, Indian, and Middle Eastern recipes. In this case, the chicken is often combined with spicy and aromatic spices such as curry and chili, but there are also more delicate combinations such as with almonds or delicious combinations with fruit: try the baked chicken with pineapple by Sale&Pepe is really tasty!

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