Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich


When preparing a sandwich we often focus immediately on the condiments and ingredients with which to stuff it, without reflecting on the fact that it is above all the bread used that makes the essence of the sandwich.

Today we have at our disposal a wide range of varieties of bread. Each of them possesses peculiar characteristics, which make it different from all the others. The crumb, the humidity, the fragrance, the crust, the leavening, the types of flour used… all these specificities mean that each product is suitable for certain fillings rather than others.

Soft wheat ciabatta 

The ciabatta has a very crunchy crust and a light and honeycombed crumb, thanks to flour with high water absorption. We advise you to fill them with fresh and slightly salted cheeses, such as the first salt or buffalo mozzarella, together with low-spiced cold cuts such as raw ham and mortadella.

Ligurian focaccia with cereals

The classic Ligurian focaccia, enriched with cereals and seeds, gives greater taste and fragrance. Thanks to its dough rich in olive oil and the very soft crumb, it is particularly suitable for tasty fillings such as sausage and sautéed vegetables. We recommend this tasty recipe.

Rustic Apulian

This bread is a workhorse of the cuisine of southern Italy. Thanks to its durum wheat dough and very soft crumb, it is excellent for fillings with cured meats with an intense taste and aged cheeses such as caciocavallo or pecorino. Try it for stuffed toasts with a strong and characteristic taste.


This bread is made with the same dough as the pizza, but without being laid out. It is baked at very high temperatures, so as to create a compact crust and a soft and fragrant interior. Try it with tasty, moist toppings, such as caramelized onions, baked potatoes, and chickpea hummus. We suggest this recipe, which combines the rustic taste of onions, falafel, and hummus with the freshness of raw mysticism!

American bread

A combination of sandwiches and toast. American bread allows you to make both. You can stuff them with the classic ham and fontina, or indulge yourself but with a fundamental constant for toast: the cheese that with the heat of the plate melts and becomes stringy!

The baguette

Typical French bread, the baguette is the classic French bread with which sandwiches are made. It is famous for its delicate and fresh flavor, its scent of sourdough, and its lightness due to the skillful use of soft wheat flour and rye flour. It is a universal bread, which can be seasoned in the most imaginative ways. We have created a very special recipe, which combines sweet and savory. Try it!

Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich

Servings: 4


This Mediterranean sandwich really contains all the aromas and scents of summer and we hope it will be the first of a long series ... if you think about it it is easy to say "I make a sandwich", but it is not so immediate to think about the filling that is not the usual sausages, that's why we want to show you how even a simple sandwich can turn into something beautiful, tasty and original!



  1. First cut the tomatoes and zucchini into slices not too thin, the eggplants instead make them thin because otherwise, they will need more time. Pour everything into a bowl and add salt, spices, herbs, apple cider vinegar, and oil, mix well and place everything on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, then bake at 160 °.

  2. Meanwhile, prepare the cream by simply blending the tofu with capers, salt, oil, and basil.

  3. After 40 minutes the vegetables will be ready then cut your sandwich, spread the capers cream, and then the vegetables, complete with a little fresh rocket and close the sandwich!

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