Olive Oil: The Secret Of Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is one of the world’s healthiest and most tasty diets. Many specialists consider it to be one of the greatest diets in the world, and UNESCO designated it as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010. The Mediterranean diet is much more than just a way of life. The Mediterranean diet has also been selected as the best diet of 2020 by the U.S. News and World Report. It was the third consecutive year that the eating plan was selected as the top healthy diet.

It is popular in Mediterranean countries, and it is famous for the importance of vegetables, fruit, seafood, cheese, and especially extra virgin Mediterranean olive oil in this diet. In truth, there’s a lot more to Mediterranean olive oil than meets the eye.

In this diet, extra virgin Mediterranean olive oil plays a significant role. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on.

The Role of Mediterranean Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple in the Mediterranean diet, and one of the key ingredients in many traditional Mediterranean dishes. And a good source of monounsaturated fat, but few are aware of the many benefits it also provides.

Extra virgin olive oil is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. A healthy diet that is associated with sensible tasty portions and slower, more enjoyable eating. People who eat a Mediterranean diet have been shown to have a remarkable variety of health benefits. The extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean diet can quickly satisfy hunger. It can lead to fewer total calories ingested at mealtime.

Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils for cooking, In addition to that, olive oil is also a great choice for anyone trying to lose weight since it provides “calories without any extra fat.” Adding an extra tablespoon to your recipes will help you avoid unhealthy fats like trans fat while still adding flavor without too much saturated fat.

Olive oil is mainly made of oleic acid which can help lower your LDL cholesterol while still boosting HDL cholesterol which can also prevent cancer and heart disease.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the few oils that can be eaten without chemical processing. For instance, nearly every other vegetable oil has been detoxified and refined with steam and solvents. Fresh pressed extra virgin olive oil can be eaten immediately. It retains the natural flavours, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other healthy products of the ripe olive fruit.

Extra virgin olive oil plays a crucial role in bringing the most out of uncooked foods. People who follow the olive oil diet add it to their salads to gain access to fat-soluble vitamins. That, plus the fact that it makes everything taste better, will result in people wanting to fill up on less calorie-dense salads.

Olive Oil Is Protective Against Heart Disease

Heart disease is the most common cause of death in the world.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the key ingredients in this diet, protecting against heart disease in several ways.

It lowers inflammation, protects “bad” LDL cholesterol from oxidation, improves the lining of your blood vessels and may help prevent excessive blood clotting.

Interestingly, it has also been shown to lower blood pressure, which is one of the strongest risk factors for heart disease and premature death. In one study, olive oil reduced the need for blood pressure medication by 48%.

Dozens — if not hundreds — of studies indicate that extra virgin olive oil has powerful benefits for your heart.

If you have heart disease, a family history of heart disease or any other major risk factor, you may want to include plenty of extra virgin olive oil in your diet.

How to Get More Olive Oil in Your Diet


Roasting your vegetables with EVOO has never been easier (or tastier). Simply drizzle the desired amount of EVOO over your vegetables and cook in the oven at 200 degrees for about an hour.

This is one of the most common ways to incorporate EVOO into your everyday diet.

On salads

Make your own salad dressing. Enough with the bottled, preservative-filled grocery store stuff already. In our opinion, there is nothing better than a humble vinaigrette made from a bit of lemon juice, a dab of mustard, and some California olive oil. Get our basic recipe for vinaigrette here and then make it your own by swapping out different vinegars, adding fresh herbs or stirring in a dollop of pesto.

In cakes, pastries and pies

Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent substitute for butter in most of your beloved cakes, pastries and pies. While cakes and pastries are still not the healthiest choices for us, because after all, cake is still cake, the addition of extra virgin olive oil is certainly hands-down healthier than butter.

On bread

Spread olive oil on your toast instead of butter. We won’t lie, butter does have that lovely, soft, creamy, spreadable thing going on. But there’s no reason why you can’t have that same soft, spread-y love affair with EVOO. Do as we do and keep a crock of olive oil in your fridge to spread on your morning toast. Or get fancy and create flavored olive oil spreads by adding herbs, spices, and seasonings to your favorite oil. Think combinations like cinnamon, honey, and Blood Orange Olive Oil or lime juice & zest, sriracha sauce, and Garlic Olive Oil.!

Marinating your seafood and meats

EVOO is a perfect base ingredient in countless marinades for a variety of meats and seafood. While it has a superb flavor on its own, it can also help draw out companion ingredients. Next time you marinate your meat consider using EVOO as your base ingredient!

Bon Appetite’ Ladies and Gentlemen!

Bottom line

Among its many health benefits, like lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation, olive oil can also play a role in healthy weight loss.

The most effective way to use olive oil to shed pounds is to incorporate it into your overall diet. Think the popular Mediterranean diet, which uses olive oil as its main source of (healthy!) fat.

It’s important to be wary of “quick fixes” when it comes to using olive oil for weight loss. Claims that it can quickly erase pounds as a massage oil or in a cleanse won’t give you healthy, long-lasting results.

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