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5 Best Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Fresh, light, quick to prepare, and excellent for any occasion: chicken salad is the best solution to face the hot days of summer when the desire to cook starts to run out. A light dish that everyone really likes and that can be prepared in many different ways: here are 5 delicious alternatives to try.

Summer dish par excellence, fresh, light, and perfect for any occasion: the chicken salad is what it takes to fight the heat and not give up on taste even when we don’t want to cook too much. Whether it is based on roasted chicken to be shredded or with grilled breast cut into strips, composing a delicious salad is simple, fast, and with an ingredient that can never be missing in the kitchen: imagination. With seasonal vegetables, with cheese, or with an exotic touch, here are 5 delicious, light, and very easy-to-prepare variations of the “classic” chicken salad.

Mediterranean Classic Chicken Salad

Grilled breast, gruyere and seasonal vegetables: nothing could be simpler and more genuine for a fresh chicken salad like grandma would do. Perfect for a quick lunch , for a  break in the office or for a light dinner , the chicken salad is that dish that manages to enhance even the leftovers you find in the fridge and that you want to recover. In this version we used only oil, salt and lemon juice to season but, if you prefer it richer, you can add some mayonnaise sauce or a teaspoon of sweet mustard.

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Salad with Avocado

An incredibly delicious and full of flavor variants, the chicken and avocado salad is a recipe that combines simplicity and taste in a balance of flavors and aromas. Ready in a few minutes, this version enhances the flavor of chicken thanks to the sweetness of avocado, an ingredient that is increasingly loved and appreciated in our kitchens. A dish that you will surely try again perhaps served in a homemade flatbread basket.

Mediterranean Chicken and Cheese Salad

We collected baby spinach and tomatoes, grated some Emmentaler and the result was a really delicious chicken and cheese salad , definitely full of flavor. The real secret of the dish , as well as in the balance between sweetness and flavor, is all in the cooking of the chicken , this time sautéed instead of grilled: perhaps less light than the others, but definitely worth trying.

Mediterranean Chicken and Potato Salad

A creamy and very simple alternative to prepare: the chicken and potato salad with mayonnaise is ideal for a different lunch than usual or for a light dinner with friends, perhaps when the summer heat does not give us respite and we do not want to put ourselves in the stove for too long. A fresh and light dish but not poor in taste, ready in just 30 minutes.

Chicken Salad With Crunchy Vegetables

A single dish to be enjoyed under an umbrella or for an alternative and tasty lunch break, the chicken salad with crunchy vegetables is a fresh, incredibly rewarding, and balanced dish. The chicken, simply grilled, is enriched with sauteed vegetables and, attention, diced mortadella and toasted almonds: if you are imagining how these flavors can balance themselves, try the recipe and you will find out.

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