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Healthy Yogurt Topping and Combination Ideas

An excellent alternative to traditional yogurt when you are looking for a more intense taste and a thick and creamy consistency, Greek yogurt stands out for its particular processing that greatly affects the final properties.

Among these, the protein content is higher than other yogurts, and the percentage of lactose, on the contrary, is lower than average. As for fats and calories, much depends on the variant chosen among those on the market. There is no shortage, alongside decidedly substantial classic versions, light versions with 0% fat, an ideal choice for those who are following a low-calorie diet.

The characteristic compactness of Greek yogurt combined with a distinctly acidic flavor makes it versatile in the kitchen and suitable for many recipes, sweet or savory. Many possible combinations, let’s try to suggest some valid ones for breakfast, for a break during the day, or for a pre-sleep snack.

Honey and cereals

It is certainly a classic combination and among the most successful. Honey goes perfectly with the taste of Greek yogurt, while a handful of cereal flakes gives crunchiness to the whole. We suggest mixing a couple of teaspoons of acacia honey, or citrus honey, which will enhance the taste of yogurt. The choice between the various types of honey, in any case, is not lacking and the same can be said for the different cereal flakes. Excellent from a nutritional point of view, the combination with oats, but also with whole wheat flakes.


Fresh breakfast with greek yogurt nuts oatmeal granola with berries in a bowl. the toning. selective focus

Nuts, we think in particular of walnuts and almonds, can enrich Greek yogurt with elements useful for well-being and make everything more complete and energetic. It is advisable to shell your favorite fruit or to buy a practical ready-to-use mix, and alternate in a small glass of Greek yogurt and dried fruit, ending to taste with a teaspoon of honey.


For a healthy and colorful breakfast, pairing Greek yogurt and seasonal fruit in a bowl is a quick and easy way to fill up on nutrients, protein, vitamins, and fiber. They will perfectly match the taste of yogurt: strawberries, apricots, medlars, peaches, and berries in the spring and summer season, kiwis, and bananas in the autumn and winter. The combination with exotic fruit is also good, in particular, we recommend diced mango.

For those who love the contrast between the acidity of yogurt and the sweetness of fruit, dried fruit can also be a valid option: Greek yogurt and raisins or Greek yogurt and dates.


If the goal is a greedy break, but without excesses, adding cocoa and/or chocolate to Greek yogurt can be a good solution. A teaspoon or two of cocoa powder will suffice, stirring well, and in addition a small handful of milk or dark chocolate chips. You can avoid cocoa powder if you are more tempted by the stracciatella effect. The extra idea: put the yogurt with chocolate chips in an iced glass jar, for an effect more similar to the classic frozen yogurt.

An alternative to chocolate chips is to choose your favorite bar among the types of chocolate on the market and reduce squares to flakes.


Another possibility, more unusual but interesting for a light break, is to combine Greek yogurt with raw seasonal vegetables, with the addition of a drizzle of oil and salt. Among the combinations we recommend: are cucumbers in slices, diced celery, and radishes. Aromatic herbs (e.g. dill or wild fennel) will be added to taste.

With the same ingredients, you can also prepare a dietary smoothie, simply by blending Greek yogurt with 0% fat and the chosen vegetables.

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