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Best Sauce And Condiments To Accompany Your Snacks

Belgium is the country where chip shops and snack bars offer the most complete range of sauce.

Initially, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles and – perhaps – also ketchup were offered, but over the years this situation has changed significantly. Some chip shops present you with huge lists of the sauces offered. And even now, new sauces are coming onto the market. 

Sometimes it is a variant of an existing sauce. In this way, the producers of the sauces want to continue to focus on their product which, in fact, is just as important to the fries as the fries themselves.

An American or Andalusian sauce can therefore taste completely different in two chip shops located in the same village. It is interesting to see that some customers will even choose the friterie based on the taste of the sauce. The sauce is therefore a product that the friturist can not neglect.

As a result, many chip shops opt for a very wide range and they are faithful to the brand they have chosen.

This policy is the result of customer habits. The slightest change in the range of sauces will be noticed very quickly and the comments of the customer who wants to have a voice in the chapter will be harsh.

Some chip shops therefore opt for several suppliers. Some sauces come from one supplier, other sauces come from another supplier. Specific sauces may still be supplied by a third supplier.


Whichever language you’re speaking, Europe and Belguim isn’t short of these fast, easy-going eateries either. Alongside a swiftly-served portion of fries, you will also find a selection of accompanying snacks including chicken legs and sausages. If you’re new to frites culture, try a fried meatball called the boulet or the infamous Bicky Burger.

What makes Belgian sauce unique?

The fact that Belgium makes the tastiest mayonnaise is a matter of common knowledge the world round. But there is a lot more to Belgian sauces than just mayo. In addition, Belgian producers supply a wealth of sauces that is unsurpassed. For each dish, there is at least one sauce that is the perfect accompaniment. The sauce makers keep a finger on the pulse of the latest developments in the culinary landscape, enabling them to respond with new condiments. This wide diversity of flavours is one of the biggest strengths of the Belgian sauce producers.


Combining chips with ketchup and mayonnaise is therefore a universally shared practice, but to these eternal classics there are more than valid alternatives, which vary from country to country. The choice of a sauce, in fact, can say a lot about who we are and where we come from: here, then, is a list of the tastiest variants and recipes to try absolutely in association with our beloved French fries.

  • Samurai Sauce

a very popular hot sauce too, often requested as an alternative to harissa a little too strong for some. Based on oil, eggs, mustard, ketchup and harissa.

Perfect for lining the stomach. A risk-free sauce!

  • Sauce Béarnaise

Out of a Burgundy fondue, Béarnaise is not common in kebabs. But it remains to taste with shallots and tarragon, olive oil, egg youth and butter.

So light!

  • Andalusian sauce

A Spanish term in a kebabs. To believe that paella was invented in England…

However, it is found in all fast food. On the program: olive oil, tomatoes, red peppers or red peppers and lemon.

  • Sauce Harissa

The sauce of the real. Of those who come home alone because it is not possible to end your night by going to the toilet every half hour.

Thanks to the very spicy red peppers, red peppers, garlic, coriander, cumin and olive oil.

  • Aioli sauce

Aioli is found mainly in the south of France. Based on oil, garlic, and sometimes egg yolks, lemon, and pepper.

  • Sauce Barbecue

The derivative of US fast food with the mustard/ketchup mixture of hot dogs. Olive oil, garlic and onions, tomato, vinegar, honey and mustard.

  • Sauce Cocktail

often a simple mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise, but it should be made with tomato sauce, mayonnaise, tabasco,

  • Sauce Curry

The Indian sauce that has invited itself in all the fast food of the whole world. Based on curry, cottage cheese and eggs.

  • Sauce Pili Pili

Notice to novices, do not take this sauce derived from Indian fast foods because it has a nice name. Your stomach and sleep may catch fire!

Made from peppers, coarse salt, sugar, black peppercorns, white vinegar soup and olive oil (or other). Thyme can also be added.

  • Tartar sauce:

Like Béarnaise, this sauce, which is usually found with more traditional dishes, goes well with kebab because of its freshness. Based on oil, eggs, mustard, capres, pickles, shallots, parsley, tarragon and chives.

You can also find the classic sauces, which are no longer presented: ketchup (tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, cloves), mustard (mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, pepper), mayonnaise (oil, eggs, mustard, salt).

We could make pages and pages about sauces, so many there are and so many their names vary. We will let you venture into those with exotic names that seem attractive: Piccalilli, Brazilian, Hannibal, Pita Ail, Provençale, Hawaii, Pickles, Salsa, Fish, Tunisian, Algerian, Moroccan, Cheese, Bick Burger…

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