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The holy month of Ramadan is here, and it’s a time of spiritual reflection and increased devotion. Now that we have your attention, here are some Moroccan recipes to help you perform your own personal reflection.

Moroccan cuisine is traditionally centered around the cooking of tagines – slow-cooked stews made with meat or vegetables – as well as couscous, a type of North African pasta. The people of Morocco are traditionally known for their hospitality, and so it should come as no surprise that there is a large assortment of stews to be enjoyed.

Being a Muslim country during Ramadan, there are many special Ramadan Moroccan recipes that involve cooking large meals for iftar (the evening meal during fasting). Most of these meals are eaten communally.

This month’s recipes will have you cooking like a native. The first dish we’d like to serve you will make you feel right at home.


Moroccan Couscous with Lamb Tagine

Morocco has a rich culture of spices and flavors that are best shown in this dish. This is an excellent dish for when you want to spice up your life with something new! With the recipe below, you can enjoy Moroccan Couscous with Lamb Tagine in as little as 30 minutes.

Moroccan couscous with lamb tagine is a dish that originated in Morocco and consists of spiced lamb, vegetables, fresh or dried fruit, and plenty of couscous. The flavors are best when slow-cooked for a few hours on the stovetop or in an oven.

Chicken Tagine with Prunes

The second course is Chicken Tagine with Prunes. Although the list of ingredients seems long, this dish is quick and easy to prepare. This traditional Moroccan dish is a hearty meal that’s packed with delicious ingredients, including chicken, onions, olive oil, garlic cloves, preserved lemon peel, and lemon juice. What really sets this dish apart though are the sweet prunes. They give this classic an unusual twist that should not be missed!

Chicken with Preserved Lemon

The last dish is our favorite: Chicken with Preserved Lemon. The combination of chicken and preserved lemon makes this dish incredibly flavourful.

Chicken with preserved lemon is a Moroccan dish that takes some time to make – but it will be worth the wait. Preserved lemons are salty, sour and tart; they keep for several months in the fridge and can really add flavor to savory dishes. 

Moroccan Ramadan Desserts

Moroccan Ramadan desserts are typically made with semolina and honey, but there are many variations for the filling which can include dates or apricots. Semolina is also sometimes used as a topping instead of as a base in certain Moroccan desserts. These sweets may be served at any time of the day, but they’re traditionally eaten after breaking one’s fast at sundown during Ramadan.

Moroccan Baklava

Moroccan Baklava is a fluffy and tasty dessert that can be found in specialty bakeries all over the country. The golden crust is made from dough containing butter and sugar and then carved into beautiful layers out of which juicy syrup seeps during baking. When it comes out of the oven, this decadent dessert is topped with powdered sugar or honey. It is eaten fresh with a cup of hot mint tea. The combination of the dough, syrup, and powdered sugar is amazing!

While many items are regional or contain some sort of variation depending on where you go in the country, Moroccan Baklava is nearly identical from one place to another. It is probably no coincidence that this pastry’s origins are from Chefchaouen, a city in the north of Morocco, which has always been known for its sweet tooth.

Morroccan Milk Pudding

Morroccan Milk Pudding is a recipe that you can find in most countries of the Arabic world. In Morocco, it is made with milk and mostly corn flour, and doused with cinnamon. For some people, this dessert brings back childhood memories of sitting on a stool in front of their grandmother’s stove making “Halwa.”

Moroccan Milk Pudding is simple to make – just mix together milk, sugar, cornflour and a dash of cinnamon.

Have you ever heard of chebakia? They are a delicious, traditional Middle Eastern cookie that is typically served during Ramadan. And while many people might not know much about this food item, it’s time to change that because we’re about to take you on a journey!


Chebakia are made from a dough consisting of softened butter, sugar, and flour; the cookies may also be flavored with orange flower water or lemon zest.

To sum it up…

The different varieties of food cooked in Ramadan in Morocco make the vibes of the holy month unique and immaculate,  in hopes that the recipes below can be used as information of ideas for what to cook, whether you’re in Morrocan or from another ethnicity. 

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