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Ultimate Guide To Italian Breakfast

Italians take cooking very seriously – and they’re right because they were the ones who basically invented it (okay, not entirely, but they created pizza, which is one of the best inventions in the world. , is not it ?). Italian breakfast is light, quick, and sweet. Be sure to order a cornetto, a delicious breakfast pastry, it looks like a croissant, but it isn’t; much sweeter, a bit like a brioche, it is often garnished with cream, jam, or Nutella.

The healthiest breakfasts also include cereal, yogurt, toast, or any spread of your choice (eg, Nutella). Having an espresso or a cappuccino is a perfect way to start the day on the right foot,

A Cappuccino For The Perfect Italian Breakfast

For Italians, the cappuccino is a real institution. They consume it exclusively in the morning and most often at the bar, standing, at the counter. In its original version, it is a coffee, necessarily espresso on which is deposited a layer of milk foam. This dense and creamy wine is prepared with whole milk, using the steam nozzle of espresso machines. Bitter cocoa can be sprinkled as a finish. When it is prepared according to the rules of the art, what a delight!

Cornetto or Italian croissant

Always at the bar, the cappuccino is usually accompanied by a cornetto, the local version ?? and very sweet ?? of the crescent. Cornetto, whose consistency is somewhere between that of a croissant and a brioche, is sometimes served plain, but more often it is filled with jam, honey, chocolate, spread, or custard. We make two bites before going to work.

 And at home?

When breakfast is not taken at the bar, coffee is in the spotlight. It is usually lengthened with milk, plain coffee, always strong, is reserved for the rest of the day. For children, simple hot milk, plain or chocolate, serves as a drink. The cornetto can be replaced by any cookie, pastry, or pastry, or by bread or rusks garnished with butter and jam. In short, you understood it: unlike the Anglo-Saxon countries, Italy favors an exclusively sweet breakfast and is not very generous. For Italians, bacon and eggs are delicious meals… for dinner!

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