Basmati Rice Mediterranean Economic Recipe


For some reason, rice doesn’t have the same appeal as potatoes or pasta when it comes to Mediterranean cuisine. But this recipe for chicken basmati rice makes a convincing argument for incorporating the grain into Greek or Italian dishes more regularly. The toothsome, nutty grains provide both flavor and weight in this one-pot dish.

Rice is a staple in the diet of many cultures, and basmati rice is a particularly popular type. Although it can be eaten alone or with other traditional dishes, basmati rice is especially suitable for those who follow the Mediterranean diet. It has low carbs and high protein content, making it a healthy choice for any dish.

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is loaded with bioactive compounds. It also dramatically increases the body’s antioxidant ability, thanks to its potent medicinal properties. Turmeric, especially the active compound curcumin, has many clinically proven health effects, including the ability to reduce heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. 

So consuming it is very important, and it adds flavor and taste to rice. there’s no negative with turmeric!

Should you rinse the basmati rice?

We recommend that you rinse the basmati rice before cooking. Rinsing makes it possible to eliminate any dust which may be present, but also to eliminate the starch layer causing a sticky texture during cooking. You can run the basmati rice under cold water until the water runs clear. If, on the contrary, you want to obtain a sticky texture to prepare certain recipes such as risotto, do not rinse your rice beforehand.

Can you cook basmati rice in a pan?

Basmati rice can be cooked in a pan to prepare pilau rice. To make this preparation, you first need to heat a tablespoon of oil or butter in a pan. Then place your rice in the pan, and brown it using a wooden spatula until it is translucent. Allow about 180 g of rice for 4 people. You can add onions, spices such as curry, turmeric or paprika, or herbs, to flavor your rice. Then pour 60 cl of water on the rice, salt and pepper, and let the rice absorb all the liquid, covered. Cooking in a pan lasts between 12 and 15 minutes. It is also possible to cook rice in a pan to prepare a risotto. Brown your rice in oil or butter as for the pilau version, then add broth, a ladle at a time. When the first ladle is absorbed, you can add the second, and so on.

Basmati Rice Mediterranean Economic Recipe

Prep Time 20 min Cook Time 20 min Total Time 40 mins
Servings: 2


Yellow Mediterranean rice is a simple dish seasoned with garlic and vibrant turmeric. It has a natural fluffy feel and is a better alternative to white rice. The broth, turmeric, ginger, onion, and garlic infuse savory flavors into this golden turmeric rice, which is not just beautiful to look at but also delicious to eat.



  1. After heating up a pan, add the butter and olive oil to it. 

  2. When they start making bubbles, add garlic and the shallot and saute them for about one minute.

  3. After, add the broth, the salt and the turmeric and let it boil.

  4. Add rice and let it cook for 20 minutes.

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving
Calories 461kcal
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 13.5g21%
Saturated Fat 4.9g25%
Cholesterol 15mg5%
Sodium 1210mg51%
Potassium 160mg5%
Total Carbohydrate 76.6g26%
Dietary Fiber 1.6g7%
Protein 7.1g15%

Calcium 3 mg
Vitamin D 4 IU

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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