Easy Frite Omelette


Frite omelette is a summer, quick sandwich, Algerians learn to make it from a very young age, it’s easy to make, cheap and delicious which makes it a go-to sandwich to everyone of all ages and social status, it is difficult to date the fries-omelets so much it is integrated into our daily life.

Like the Carantita that arrived in Oran and was inspired by the Spanish, it could come from Spain. But no official trace can tell its origin. However, the French fries-omelets were quickly perceived as a popular dish, very nutritious and affordable to everyone.

Algeria is not officially linked to fries-omelets, it will be more labeled by its couscous or even its chorba. However, if we do not claim this dish in our national cuisine, unofficially the fries-omelets is the Algerian dish which is exported the most abroad, in particular thanks to the development of fast-food restaurants in the big cities. European. Moreover, if you travel outside Algeria, it will be easier to find excellent fries-omelettes rather than a good Algerian couscous.

Among Algerians, potatoes are cut into fries and prepared separately. They are made to return to the pan to carelessly break the eggs. The fries-omelets are quite uncluttered and leave little to the imagination. Some add meat or harissa, but nothing that fundamentally changes the basic recipe.

During our wandering through some fast food shops in the streets of the capital, most sellers assured us that the most requested sandwich by customers is the “frit omelet” sandwich, given its price ranged between 60 and 70 dinars. , and guarantees the customer to satisfy his hunger because of the advantages of this food as it contains fried potatoes and eggs, the two substances that are indispensable to any Algerian citizen as they are included in the food culture of the Algerians Regardless of the amount of starches and fat contained in the sandwich of fried potatoes with eggs, and regardless About the number of days I used the same frying oil to prepare this dish, but nothing could stop the “belly scream” in front of the “pocket scream” other than a “frit omelette” garnished with mayonnaise, harissa and sometimes ketchup.

Easy Frite Omelette

Difficulty: Beginner Cook Time 10 min Total Time 10 mins
Best Season: Summer


The frite omelette sandwich is a sandwich made up of half a sliced ​​bread baguette, in which you place fries and an omelet. Among Algerians, potatoes are cut into fries and prepared separately. They are put back into the pan to carelessly break the eggs over them. Some add meat or harissa, but nothing that fundamentally changes the basic recipe.



  1. Peel and cut the potatoes into French fries.

  2. On a medium fire Fry them in deep oil till they’re cooked

  3. Break the eggs into a salad bowl, pepper them, and beat them into an omelet with a fork.

  4. Transfer the fries to a non-stick pan with a knob of butter and pour in the beaten eggs, salt.

  5. Bring the edges to the center using a wooden fork.

  6. When the eggs are cook transfer it to a plate

  7. You can serve it like that or make a sandwich using a baguette and fill it with the omelet you made

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