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Best Summer Fruits to Use in Salads

The best summer fruits that are suitable to be used also in salads, can vary from tomatoes and onions and it can transform a simple side dish into a particular appetizer.

Given that technically tomatoes are also a fruit and not a vegetable, let’s talk about which summer fruit – understood as “sweet” – is also perfect in a saline form, to be used in salads. Salt, oil, and vinegar are the basic condiments for lettuce and mixed salads, but they become a symphony if combined with the sweetness of some fruits.

The important thing is to balance the flavors well, certainly daring but without overdoing it just to focus on originality. In a bowl of salad, for example, just two small fruits are enough to turn the taste and some forethought on combinations.

Let’s see which fruit to use in salads.


Raspberries are a force of nature: perfect with sweet, with the savory, perfect whole as an ingredient but also transformed into a condiment.

You can use them whole or cut in half in a spinach leaf salad, along with walnuts or hazelnuts, and fresh tuna. If you prefer cheeses, choose grana-type, aged cheese flakes.

In the salad just suggested, raspberries can also be the main condiment: blend and filter them and then reduce in a pan over low heat, mix with oil, salt, and ground black pepper and pour over the salad … or next to it.


If you grill peaches and cut them into cubes, you can put them in a Soncino-like salad together with anchovies or capers and sliced ​​toasted almonds. Peaches refresh and make the classic condiments pleasantly sweet and sour.


Watermelon takes flight when served with capers, balsamic vinegar, sprouts and fresh little seasoned cheeses, vegetables such as onions and leeks, shrimps, and tuna. Seeing is believing, in this article we give you some ideas but you can start putting it in salads and taste it in this rare guise.


By August you already know what to aim for: figs. Sauté them over high heat and put them in the rocket together with toasted bread and diced bacon: you will fall in love with this fruit as if it were the first time you taste it.


Ok, grapes are already a bit September but they are one of the fruits that best go well to enrich a salad: it goes well with white and red meats, vinegar, cheeses … in short, use it for a chicken salad and you will realize of goodness.

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