Quick And Easy Mediterranean Salmon Fillet


Salmon is one of the most farmed fish in the world, which can live in both hot and cold water and this can be in the sea, lakes, or rivers.

From a nutritional point of view, it is a food rich in proteins and with a high biological value.

Being rich in Omega3, salmon protects the body from various diseases: it prevents cellular aging, promotes circulation, and lowers cholesterol levels.

Keeping your weight under control is possible by consuming salmon, as, being rich in protein, helps regulate appetite hormones.

Its soft meat and its unique flavor make it versatile and suitable for different types of cooking – pan-fried, baked, grilled, or smoked – and is composed of 20% protein, salmon constitutes a balanced dish, which can be eaten also as a substitute for red meat.

In addition to being a delight for the palate, salmon is very good for cardiovascular health: don’t give up on its properties!

To take full advantage of the good properties of salmon, we advise you to cook it in a healthy way: steamed, grilled, or baked. Also, accompany it with a rich portion of vegetables.

In fact, frying it risks losing some of its properties, as well as adding fats that add nothing to its delicate flavor.

To consume this fish in a healthy and tasty way, just cook it in the oven, seasoned with spices or aromatic herbs. Try varying the combinations until you find the ones that suit you best.

How To Trim A Large Salmon Fillet

Learn an effective technique for removing skin and preparing cobblestone fillets. Carving out portions of similar size and thickness allows for even cooking afterward. You can also stock up on them by freezing the salmon steaks individually in an airtight package. They will keep it for a month in the freezer.

Step 1 – Incise Lightly

Place the fillet on a cutting board with the tail (narrowest part) in front of you. Slip a sharp knife between the skin and flesh at the end of the tail. This incision will release a tab of skin that you can grip firmly when removing the skin completely.

Step 2 – Remove The Skin

Arrange the salmon parallel to the work surface. Tilt the blade slightly towards the skin to avoid removing too much flesh. Holding the skin tab firmly, slide the blade down the length of the net.

Step 3 – Remove The Ridges

To check if there are any ridges, slide your fingers in the middle of the fillet, against the grain, i.e. from the widest part towards the tail. Remove them using clean tweezers.

Step 4 – Cut Into Pavers

Slice the tenderloin into equal-width pieces (about 4 cm – 1 1/2 in). You can also weigh your first paving stone to see if the part equals one serving. Calculate 180 g (about 1/3 of a lb) of fish per person.

Quick And Easy Mediterranean Salmon Fillet

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 20 min Total Time 30 mins
Servings: 6
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Some people may not like the idea of olives but personally, I do. Black olives have a very distinctive taste that goes well with basil which also has a strong taste, combined with the beautiful sun-dried tomato that always reminds me of warm summer days. All very Mediterranean indeed.

This recipe comes from  Gordon Ramsay and he does have some great recipes. He recommends alternative flavors for ‘studding’ the salmon: grilled red pepper, garlic slivers, and pieces of anchovy in the basil leaves instead of the sun-dried tomatoes and olives, for example. But I recommend this.



  1. Heat the oven to 200 °. Place the salmon on a board and with an apple corer, make 18 holes in the rows of the fillet. Lower until touching the skin but without breaking it

  2. Take a piece of hydrated dried tomato and olive. Using a basil leaf as a container, roll up the two ingredients and place the leaf with its filling in one of the holes made for the fish.

  3. Repeat the procedure until all the holes are filled with your filling

  4. Place the salmon fillet on a piece of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle with the olive oil

  5. Bake and cook for 20 minutes

  6. Remove from the oven and cool until the salmon is lukewarm. Remove from the baking dish and serve

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